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Estate Planning & Probate

At Aston|Mathis|Campbell, our estate planning and probate attorneys provide service to residents throughout Oklahoma, and are well prepared to advise and guide you through the process. Our firm provides a range of services to assist clients in managing the transfer of their estate including drafting Wills, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Advance Directives. Our firm has significant experience in the areas of Estate Planning as well as Probate and Trust administration, Probate Litigation and assisting elderly clients as they progress through their senior years.

Our focus is on developing personal client relationships that enable us to achieve the proper estate planning strategy for your family. We provide estate planning services to clients with all levels of income, assets and wealth, clients of various ages, and individuals who own their own businesses. Whether your estate requires a simple Will, a Revocable Trust, or an Irrevocable Trust to help avoid probate, our firm is equipped to help you devise an estate planning strategy that meets your needs. We often assist clients by helping them avoid the complexities, costly expenses and time-consuming hassle of probate. A Trust may be ideal if you wish to avoid probate, have minor children, children with college education expenses to be paid, and when you do not want your children to have immediate unlimited access to funds.

We are also very familiar with the complexities and issues involved with planning for blended families and second marriages. As part of the planning process, our lawyers are well equipped to anticipate future challenges and prepare prenuptial agreements or structure Trusts such that everyone’s goals are met in the present and honored in the future. Depending on the client’s unique set of circumstances, we focus on identifying and retitling assets so that they pass to the appropriate parties and ideally pass without probate administration

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Attorneys Practicing

Stephan Mathis          Jeff D. Scott          Nancy P. Hearn

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