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Military law is an area of the law where most attorneys have no experience. If you are faced with a military law problem, hire someone who is experienced. We have extensive experience in military law – CONUS, overseas, and downrange. If you are facing charges at a special court martial or a general court martial it is highly likely that a conviction will result in a federal felony conviction and the destruction of your military career. You need an experienced lawyer who will fight for you and not be intimidated by the military justice system. Even administrative actions such as Article 15, Captain’s Mast, Office Hours, chapters, administrative separation, and officer elimination can end a career and destroy your military benefits. Call us to discuss your case. Paying an attorney now to save your career may save you thousands of dollars in salary and benefits in the long run.

Attorneys Practicing
Areas of Service
  • General Courts Martial

  • Special Courts Martial

  • Summary Court Martial

  • Article 15, Captain’s Mast, Office Hours

  • Administrative Board

  • Special Boards

  • Division of Military Benefits in a Divorce

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